Training this fortnight

I hope that everyone has been able to enjoy at least a little time off over the Easter long weekend, and that you are feeling refreshed for the week ahead.  

As per convention, we will not be training tonight (Monday 2 April) due to the public holiday, and Michael S has let me know that Fencing will be taking a break this Tuesday night as both he and Jamie are unavailable, and then back again as usual next week.  

As it is school holidays, the training mats can be left down on Wednesday night (till Thursday next week). Can I ask that the jujutsu-ka setting up Wednesday please ensure that the surface is set up inside the western one third border of the MEAC’s markings so that we have sufficient space for other session over this fortnight. 

For Gin Giners, we are taking a break from Kendo for the next two weeks of the school holidays. However, I will be running an Iaido class 4.30 – 6.00 pm this week.

Next week, I have a respite from having to drive to Bundaberg, so will be in the Toowoomba dojo for all of the regular classes. So as always, I’ll look forward to seeing you in the dojo!