School holiday times and opportunities

With school holidays starting today and University committments at both USQ and CQU in hiatus before the new term, I hope that we see some folk returning to regular classes at the dojo. 

At the MEAC, the tatami are down and won’t have to be packed away till next Wednesday night to allow for the hall to have a sluice down by the School’s cleaning contractors (which will theoretically happen either Friday 13th or Saturday 14th July). In the interim, we ought to do our own mop of the keiko-jo (i.e. the area inside the red border, including the tatami), just so the iaido and kendo folk have the benefit of a relatively clean surface on which to train. I would also like for us to take the opportunity to do a stocktake/audit/tidy of the Club’s equipment so that we can go into the second half of this year with some decorum. I will be putting out a call via the Club’s Facebook channels later today once we have a time sorted, so please keep an eye out for that.  

Given that we are without Tuesday night Fencing and Systema this week, I am going to propose that we run an Iaido class 6–8 pm in its place. This will hopefully make up for the fact that we have had a somewhat disrupted time of training the past several weeks. Additionally, I am intending to go down Wednesday morning to Pine Mountain to do some Kyudo taihai and Iaido practice with Rob Doncaster, so if anyone is interested and available, let me know if you would like to join us. I am also trying to arrange for Thursday this week a training opportunity with Tom Johnson sensei. We might travel down to Pine Mountain dojo again to save him from having to come up to Toowoomba, but again, I will post an update on the Kendo & Iaido @BBRD Facebook group once we have that sorted. 

Coming up this Saturday we have the Club’s quarterly kenjutsu workshop, with this session being run by Eric. I would actively encourage everyone interested to come and train. As a result, we shall be cancelling Saturday afternoon sessions this week.  

I’ll look forward to seeing you at the dojo in the coming days!