Cleaning of the MEAC

At the Executive meeting we held on Sunday afternoon, we spend some time discussing the arrangements for cleaning the dojo of a Saturday and the general usability of the dojo during the school week.  

As you are probably aware, the Club is in an arrangement to give the MEAC a thorough cleaning, including the toilets/bathroom on a Saturday afternoon before Jujutsu training. The Club offers "dojo dollars" for participating, which can be offset against training contributions. However, attendance has been variable to poor, and it is falling onto the same one or two folk to take on the lion's share of the work. 

We have also been noticing that by mid-week, the floor of the MEAC is becoming particularly grotty, to the point where we are coming home from iaido on a Thursday night with very dirty feet. This dirt is, of course, tracked onto the mats if we are not very careful about wearing foot ware appropriately. 

As a result of this, we have undertaken to implement a few changes and reinforce a few practices that have tended to lapse over the past few months.  

First, could everyone please bring a dedicated pair of thongs or other easy slip on/slip off foot ware to the dojo. These are to be different from your street shoes you wear to the dojo, and must be worn anywhere off the mat, especially if popping outside for a drink or going to the bathroom. In addition, please minimise walking across the keiko jo, or practice area, which is defined by the red line in the MEAC. If there is sufficient interest, we can investigate whether it might be viable to get some "official" BBRD thongs made up. In addition, please check the state of your feet before you come in, and clean them with the tap outside if needs be before training. 

Second, I am establishing a new expectations that all BBRD members turn up to a Saturday clean at least once per University semester (i.e. three times per year) . This is part of your service obligation back to the Club and will not be eligible for consideration of dojo dollars.  

Third, We will formally be making Tracy Campbell the coordinator for Saturday cleans. If you wish to be considered for dojo dollars, you must sign up with her before the end of training on Thursday night. 

Fourth, we will be asking the school and Extend After School Care if we could get into the MEAC around 5.40 pm of a Wednesday to give the MEAC floor a wet mop down before FlexiFit, just to keep the level of filth down somewhat.  

Hopefully, with these tweaks, we can maintain the space to a level that we are more comfortable with.