Taste Tester is back!

At the meeting yesterday, the Club Executive discussed the running of a "taste tester" this semester in a similar vein to courses that the Club has run in previous years. 

What the taste tester provides is an opportunity for new folk or members who have been away from the Club for more than two years to come and get a weekly sample of the activities and disciplines that the Club supports.  

After a very constructive discussion, we decided that a once a week format, with sessions to be held Saturday afternoons from 2.30–4 pm will be the best way to ensure that folk are able to attend without disrupting usual training schedules, and to maximise the chances of inviting senior practitioners from outside Toowoomba to come and support what we do, particularly for newer activities such as Kyudo and Taiko drumming where we are still very reliant on outside guidance. 

We will be firm in up details this week in the next week, and will be providing more information on Thursday at the market day. There will be a number of "packages" for the taste tester, for instance the "Full Taste", "Pick and Mix", "Weapons disciplines", "Unarmed disciplines", and "Activities only" that will be set at various prices. As in previous years, the cost of the course will cover annual membership, but not insurance/activity fees for 2017. 

When the final details are confirmed, I would ask that everyone push out the notification to your wider networks (social media and otherwise) so as to maximise the reach and encourage as many folks as possible to come and join us!