Regular cleaning at the MEAC

First up, a big thank you to Dylan and Tracey who came in Sunday morning to help tidy up the store room of the MEAC.

You will all notice when you come in next that we have re-arranged the layout of our gear in the store room. Specifically, the School's oval tables are now next to the pieces of stage, the mats have been stacked into a single pile, and our equipment is against the wall. We will be purchasing shelves and storage bins this week to complete the tidy up of our gear, including the relocation of the Toowoomba Kendo Club's bogu. it is expected that this should make the maintenance of the space easier.

However, we do need to be mindful of maintaining the hygiene of the space. In particular, keeping the floor swept, mopping the floor and the mats at least once per week, and keeping the toilets clean. As a consequence, we will be setting up a roster, so that it isn't the same people who are always doing the same work around the dojo. Please talk with Michael this week about your availability to make your contribution to these efforts.