Taste Tester starts April 1

The 2017 Semester 1 Taste Tester series will commence on Saturday April 1 kicking off with Jujutsu. A full timetable of the weekend series will be e-mailed to everyone later this week, including a link for how to pay for the sessions you are interested in. Taste tester sessions will run from 2–4 pm and will cover a wide spread of activities supported by the Club. It will run through for the remainder of the USQ semester, barring the Easter long weekend where we will be hosting open seminars by Andrew Seyderhelm and Kurt Graham.  

In signing up to the Taste Tester. Participants are also granted general Club membership, which they can convert to full participant membership at any stage. 

If you are interested in a single session, the cost is  $30; for two sessions it will be $50; for up to five sessions it will be $60; and for the whole series it will be $75. 

Look for details in your e-mail in-box and on the BBRD Facebook page in the coming week!