Kendo and Iaido: Seminar organisation for 9 and 10 July

The QKR Winter seminar is rapidly approaching, and we need to finalise a number of matters leading up to it.

First, if anyone is intending to grade in either Kendo or Iaido, the relevant paperwork must be submitted with your sensei's signature no later than Friday 24 June, and payment must be in the QKR account. This includes your annual QKR renewal, as this needs to be lodged with the AKR in order you you to be eligible toattend the seminar in the first place.

Second, if you are interested in sharing accommodation that weekend, please speak with wither Michael or Matthew no later than Wednesday. Given it is the last weekend of school holidays, we will need to book a place no later than Friday, so we will need final numbers ASAP.

Third, we will be running an equipment check and maintenance on Sunday 3 July after regular training in the MEAC. It will be a good opportunity to refresh you skills on how to look after your iaito, shinai and bogu, as well as going through a pre-seminar rehearsal.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of you on the keiko-jo this week!