Back to school, back to training

This week marks the twilight period of the Australian holiday season as we transition from Christmas/New Year/School holidays and get ready to pick up the rhythm of another school year after the 26th. I know a number of you are starting back at work today, and for others who have been studying over the summer, the end of semester rush is now on. For those in our community who are in the throws of lesson planning and ensuring that all is in order for this year’s classes, I want to wish you all the best both for your preparations this week and into the coming year. 

Holy Name Catholic Primary School opens its office today, and the MEAC is scheduled for a floor clean later this week. As a result, we shall spend some time on Wednesday night getting ready for our regular storage configuration, and hence we will have to again factor in time to set up and put away tatami in the disciplines that require them. It would be most appreciated if you can ensure that you are at the dojo on time (i.e. before the scheduled class start) to help facilitate this. 

Given that we will have the mat off the floor by mid-week, we shall not hold the lunchtime Jujutsu class in the MEAC on Thursday. I will be looking to see if we can get some casual space at the PCYC, and will let folk know tonight at training what the lunchtime arrangements will be for the next few weeks.  

The annual Australian Iaido and Jodo Seminar and Championships (AIJSC) will commence in Hobart this weekend, and I want to wish all the best to the broad community of BBRD members, supporters and friends who are travelling down to train, compete and grade— in particular to Sian C, who will be making the trip to the AIJSC for the first time since it was last held in Queensland (gambatte!). 2020 will see the AIJSC be hosted in Queensland again, so we shall look forward to that over the coming year. 

The Club’s committee will be starting discussions in order to lock down the training timetable for the coming year, as some changes will be necessary due to me heading back up to Bundaberg from March 11. During term time, I will regularly be out of Toowoomba from Monday afternoon till Thursday afternoon. We will be discussing options with regular class attendees to ensure that there is minimal disruption as a result. 

And a final reminder that while Toowoomba has missed the worst of the rolling heatwaves that have affected large parts of Australia, I would like for everyone to be mindful of working within their limits and maintaining hydration while they train. Although we do try to take pause regularly when the temperature is hot, please make sure that you are monitoring your own need to stop for fluid intake. I would strongly recommend that you bring a water bottle that can be left near the edge of the training area. 

So have a great week everyone, and as always, I’ll look forward to seeing you in the dojo!