And O Week is upon us ...

Welcome to the new academic year!

O-week is always an exciting time at the Club as it brings the possibility of an influx of new members, fresh starts, and most importantly a few chances to spend a few hours practising what we love to do and convincing others to join!

The first commitment for the Club will be the Clubs and societies market day this Thursday, 25 February. We will be in the quad from 8.30 am till about 2.30 pm putting on demonstrations, talking to folk and generally promoting what we do. I would love to see as many of you as possible come along and provide support, either with active participation on the mats, meeting and greeting the public or even just stopping past and saying hi.

Please let Michael or Sian know your availability ASAP to that we can ensure that we have sufficient people to staff the booth and the mats during the expected busy times.