Kendo for the next few weeks

As regular readers are aware, Toowoomba Kendo has been made partially homeless due to redevelopments at the PCYC resulting in a lack of suitable space for us to train.

In order to work a temporary fix, we have decided to train at the MEAC on a Sunday morning for the next few weeks, until we find a new permanent venue. The MEAC's floor is not the best for ongoing practice as the rubber composite is just a little too thin to protect higher level players from the wear and tear of fumikomi. However, it is our most convenient (read available) option for the moment.

So that we do not cause disruption to the Holy Name Parish's Sunday morning service, we will start training at 9.30 am, which may be better for some folk.

A final favour to ask — could those Toowoomba-based kendoka that are still willing or able to train of a weekend please fill out the time preference survey for weekend training, either on the BBRD group page, or the Toowoomba Kendo group page. It will make our task much easier to target an appropriate facility for training (and consequently secure the time that most can make it).