Results of the Autumn Jujutsu grading

I wanted to officially convey congratulations to all candidates who successfully rose to the challenge of their grading on Saturday, and to all of those who made the day possible by volunteering for the numerous tasks that make a day like this run smoothly.

First to the results. All candidate who presented for grading were successful. Specifically: 

  • Adrian Cooper 6KYU 
  • Peter Lanzafame 7KYU 
  • Matthew Mcenery 7KYU 
  • Cat Ardi 9KYU 

All now face the new challenges ahead of them in their budo journey: Cat, with her first grade ever in martial arts has made her first, most important steps toward success; Matthew and Peter now have to consolidate their learning and polish the finer points as they work towards 6KYU and their blue belt; and Adrian who having competently acquitted himself in the nyumon portion of the syllabus now restarts his learning journey be starting work on the chuden syllabus. 

I would like to give specific thanks to Stephen Witney sensei  and Jason Griffiths sensei for offering up their Saturday to form the grading panel. Thanks to Brady Albrand and Raymond Undery for dojo steward and uke services. To Amber Ole and Scott Currie for taking photos and video of the day. And to Tracy Campbell for organising lunch for everyone.

So now to the next opportunity to be set in November. Congratulations everyone, and remember to continue with your focus. I'll look forward to seeing you all in the dojo next week!