Dojo Spring Clean

I want to put into everyone's diary the intended dojo spring clean for Saturday 2 September.  

The MEAC has been getting into a fairly ordinary state of late, and I want to ensure that we address that. In recent weeks, it has only been Tracy showing up on a Saturday to do the Club's obligatory clean of the toilets, and this leaves little opportunity to get on top of other things in both the main hall and in the storage area. 

I want to remind everyone that it is an expectation for all members to come and help clean at least three times in the year. With sufficient folk we can ensure that:

  • The main hall is properly tidied and there are no hidden "gems" like left over lunches mouldering in forgotten corners
  • The floor gets a thorough scrub down, to lift a little of the ground in dirt off its surface. 
  • The tatami are properly cleaned, particularly after their excursion to Queen's Park
  • The storage area is mopped and swept to get rid of errant sand from the corners.  
  • All the storage tubs are checked and sorted so that there are no misplaced items in the wrong spot.  
  • All equipment is thoroughty checked and serviced so that it is simply good to go when we need it.  

We will commence the spring clean at 9.30 am and go through to roughly 12.30 pm, where we will put on some lunch for those that come along and help. Many hands and all that ... 

Hope to see many of you there to assist!