TLCF wrap up

Yesterday was the 10th time I have fronted up to Queen's Park on a brilliant August Sunday to participate in the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival. It is now another Monday morning after, and I am feeling the joy of a body used for a full day in the sun, having shared my passion for martial arts with the broader Toowoomba community, among friends giving their best in that shared endeavour.

This year's festival saw the Club's Taiko group join us for the first time, who drew sustained crowds to our pavilion. We showcased the Club's weapon disciplines well, and even saw some live cutting action with Mr J Tamashigiri being brought out to an enthusiastic crowd towards the end of the day.

As always, these types of days do not happen in isolation, but due to the sustained and enthusiastic support of Club members. First to Tracy, who heroically helped me to pack a large portion of the dojo equipment into cars and trailers on Saturday afternoon. With many folks either feeling unwell or having other commitments that afternoon, I once again appreciated Tracy's steadfastness and dependability. 

Second, a thanks to all of the members who demonstrated on the day: Dylan, Eric, Jun, Kateena, Michelle, Minty, Ray, Sian, Stuart, Tomoko, and Tracy. You all cut fine figures and did the Club proud.

A third round of thanks to Cat for coming along to do the "meet and greet" and help with the bump out at Queen's. We will definitely grab the trailer off you next year! And Richard for popping past and giving us proof of life. Will be great to see both of you back at the dojo after your breaks.

And a final round of thanks to Sian, Stuart and Tracy who made it right through to the end of the day and repackage the dojo. Big day, big joy.

So I will once again look forward to next year and for time spent out in the sun, and hope to see some of those who came along and said hello in the dojo for class!