School’s back this week ...

It always feels like an official end to holidays when primary and secondary schools go back for the new year. I wanted to take this opportunity to send best wishes to everyone who is undertaking new beginnings and new jobs as of today (particularly Brady and Matt G), to those like Tracy and Kristin who are back to the regular schedule of VET study,  those like Travis whose children are back at school,  to those like Sara who are back to work after a well earned and well utilised break, and of course to those who have already been back to the regular grind of work for some time now. 

With Holy Name Catholic Primary School back today, we are likewise back to setting up and packing away the training surface each night, and not being able to enter the MEAC until after the last child attending the Extend After School program has left. However, could I ask that you still try to get to the dojo before 6 pm so that we can start classes promptly at 6.15 pm.  

We will also need to revisit the roster for regular cleaning of the MEAC toilets, and maintenance of our portion of the storage area. I will be making a post next week regarding that once we have a little more clarity about its scheduling. 

So have a productive and engaging week ahead, and as always, I’ll look forward to seeing you at training!