Jodo Demonstration by Glen Henry sensei, 1 pm Sat. 28 Oct.

Hello All,

This Saturday (28 Oct.) Glen Henry sensei and students will be coming up the hill to give an extensive demonstration in the various arts associated with jodo.  This will include the arts of kenjutsu (Japanese long & short sword), tanjo-jutsu (walking stick or club) and jutte-jutsu (truncheon) in addition to demonstrations of advanced jo techniques (and possibly a demonstration kusarigamma-jutsu, the sickle with chain & weight).

It would be good to see the practitioners of the sword arts come as well (those of you in kendo and iaido); these demonstrations involve a vast number of sword techniques (the sword is used throughout jodo) and watching someone as skilled in the sword as Glen Henry can be very enlightening. In addition, anybody involved in the use of the short staff (jo) would find these techniques interesting, so it would be good to see people from jujutsu and kendo practitioners of ZNKR seitei jodo come as well. I would also encourage anybody in the club who are interested in the Japanese weapon arts to come along, this should prove to be an energetic and exciting demonstration.

This is a free demonstration and is open to the general public. It starts at 1 pm (1300 hrs) at the MEAC.

Hope to see everybody there.