Training back to “normal” this week

I hope that everyone has made it through the storms that swept through Southeast Queensland yesterday afternoon without too much disruption or damage. I still have to thoroughly look around our place, as flights were delayed coming in from Canberra to Brisbane yesterday, and we didn’t arrive back in Toowoomba till after 10 pm.

The plan at this stage is that training will resume a normal for this week, though we may have to be a little flexible, depending on what state the MEAC is in after the School’s Art Show. Any changes or variations to the schedule will be posted up on the Club’s Facebook page, and sent out via SMS to affected students. We may also be doing some minor tweaks to the timetable, including shifting kendo kata, Go sessions or Arnis, but we shall be consulting with the regulars to see what the best fit for the next few weeks will be. 

In addition to regular opportunities, we shall be organizing a few excursions down to Pine Mountain Dojo, as Russell Lawrence Sensei is visiting from Perth, and I certainly would like to take the opportunity to train with him while he is here.  

I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things , after what feels like an age away due to illness and end-of-term commitments for my studies. As always. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the dojo!