What’s coming up!

We have some significant planning to do over the next few weeks for a few significant events at the Club. 

First, The Club has been invited to participate in the Toowoomba Diwali Festival to be held at lunch on Saturday 3 November.  

We are in the planning stages of supporting a Gin Gin martial arts weekend towards the end of November Tamara Kelly will be solidifying arrangement in that regard over the next week, so we ought to have more detail by the next bulletin. 

We may have a visit from Kurt Graham, Sensei in November as well, and will be confirming details there in the next few days.  

The QKR Summer seminar will be held on the Gold Coast the first weekend of December. We will start doing some forward planning for that starting this week, including firming up who might be coming down so that we are able to secure appropriate accommodation for the event.   

And finally, the 10th Anniversary of the Club’s foundation in in November, and we will be looking to celebrate it in an appropriate way, and include a wrap up of the year’s events!

So an exciting and packed month ahead!