Queensland Kyudo Association — Expressions of interest.

I am very happy to announce that BBRD is in a position to support the establishment of a Queensland Kyudo Association.

Tom Johnson sensei has been given the imprimatur for setting this up. For those that don’t know him, Tom has worked tirelessly over the years across a number of martial arts including Jujutsu, Seitei Iaido and Seitei Jodo, including his term as Secretary then President of the Queensland Kendo Renmei. Tom also acts as the supervising instructor for the BBRD Seitei Iaido study group.

Information provided by Tom is that there is some training gear that can be used. Initially all that is need is walking space for practising Kyudo reihoGomiyumi are used to start with just to practice shape. These are similar to rubber slingshots.
There has been talk with to Collingwood Park management about letting us shoot inside their courts, but more on that as it develops.
Tom has calculated that $270 would be the annual registration cost, which would cover Club State and National memberships.  If can shot in Collingwood park the cost would be about $10 or 15 per lesson.  If there were a space up there and there was interest enough Tom was even offering to  travel up to Toowoomba once a week perhaps.
There is a national seminar coming up in Sydney during October with a  7 dan instructor coming from Japan. All financial members of the Kyudo Association would welcome to attend.

We will be posting more details up of the BBRD website as they develop, so make sure you keep looking there to see what is going on!