Thanks to all who helped!

Shoulder to shoulder ...

Shoulder to shoulder ...

Stage 1 of the dojo/MEAC clean up was successfully completed on Saturday. I'd like to make special mention of everyone who turned up to help sort, stack and scrub in aid of getting a little more control over our space and equipment. (Thanks Adam, Andrew, Brady, Jen, Jess, Maaike, Tracey, Sian, and Stuart)

The floor of the MEAC should be attended to by the School's contract cleaners today, so we will be able to clear out the now (very) packed store room this week and lay the mats for the remainder of the school holidays.

Just a few housekeeping matters that arise from the clean up:

  1. Remember that the MEAC is a shared space and that we each need to ensure that we always leave the space as (if not more) tidy than when we entered it.
  2. If you are storing equipment in the MEAC, make sure that it is clearly labelled and neatly arranged among the Club's other equipment
  3. If you use Club equipment, make sure that after you have finished it goes back to where it belongs (even if it "mysteriously" started off somewhere it ought not to be)
  4. If you are borrowing something, please not that you have taken it on the Equipment Register, including its item number (instructions will be posted on the Club cupboard).
  5. If something is broken/damaged, report it immediately so that it (a) is not a hazard to others; and (b) can be fixed or replaced.
  6. Remember it's not just dirt, its spiritual dirt... Everyone has a responsibility for keeping the space clean as well as tidy. This includes your own equipment uniform...