Reminder: Hands on deck to assist this Friday evening

Just to pre-empt Eric's post regarding this weekend's training and public demonstration with Glen Henry sensei, I'd like to once again put a call out for assistance on Friday evening and Monday morning.   

Friday, we will need to collect the Toowoomba Aikikai mats from Q-block, Toowoomba campus and transport them to the MEAC. At the MEAC, we will need to give the hall a good tidy and standard set-up to show our facility in the best light possible. This will be an demonstration open to the public, and we have invited various media outlets to provide some publicity for what we do.  

And the adage goes, many hands, light work. We do this regardless of whether we practice a particular art because it reflects on our collective strength and identity as a Club to do so.  

I will be coordinating activity from the USQ end at 5.30 pm, and Eric will head to the MEAC to start tidying and giving the place a mop down. Assistance at either end at that time would be most appreciated.