BBRD Social Media campaign

Over the summer, the Club will be looking at the media channels that we use to communicate with our, members,  friends and supporters. this includes:

  • The look and feel of the Budo Bulletin
  • What gets posted on the Club's Facebook page
  • How the Facebook group page functions
  • Other social media channels including You Tube, Pintrest, and Instagram, including how we can best use these to meet the needs of the membership.

To assist us, there are a number of things you can do. First up, make sure that you have "liked" the Facebook page, and make sure that over the next two weeks like the posts that crop up. Of course if you don't actually like them, make sure that you fill out the survey we have set up and let us know what sort of things you would prefer to see up there.

Second, do take some time and fill out the Social Media Survey. We are wanting to make sure that what we are putting effort into is actually what you get value out of, and if we are missing anything that we can provide, that too is identified and addressed.