O-Week: Clubs Day Thursday 26 February

The Club's Day of O-week is one of the best opportunities that we have to attract new members from the USQ community. In previous years we have not only gained new members but also new instructors/disciplines on that day (such as Tiff for Judo and Jack for Taekwondo).

It would be wonderful if you can at all make it along for whatever amount of time. We will be there from 8.30 am in the Quad through to around 3.30 pm. We will need assistance with setting up, packing up and of course demonstrations of the various disciplines, which quite frankly can only be done with warm bodies!

Please talk with your instructors over the next few days. In particular we need help with:

  • Loading up Club equipment including mats on Wednesday night around 6 pm (after Kendo). If anyone has a ute that we can commandeer for 24 hours, that would be great. Otherwise it is a limited number of mats going on my "tractor's" roof racks ...
  • Setting up at USQ from 8.30am. We will need to apparently park behind R block in the loading zone and carry our mats and equipment through the refectory to set up on the other side of the Quad. Therefore, we will need as many hands as possible to do this efficiently and safely (ironically I don't think USQSafe has thought through the OH&S implications of this ...)
  • Staffing the Club table, chatting to passers by and encouraging them to sign up an expression of interest to receive more information about/from the Club.
  • Being available for demonstrations throughout the day of the various disciplines.
  • "Bump out" starting around 3 pm (needs to be completed by 4pm). We will most likely just head back to the MEAC with equipment at just before 6pm and make it part of the usual set up for the night.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to make new friends and members this week, and hope that you all take the opportunity to do the same!