Jujutsu shinsa this Saturday

The month is fast drawing to a close and we are rapidly drawing towards the culmination of many months of sustained effort at training with the Jujutsu grading opportunity on this Saturday.

I would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts to this point, and wish all candidates the best for the peak event.

A little house keeping:

  • The shinsa will start at 10 am sharp. Could folk please try to be at the dojo from 9am so that we can properly prepare the dojo, including a good tidy of the main hall and setting up chairs for observers.
  • For those jujutsuka not attempting a grading this time, it would be good for you to observe how a grading is conducted, and to simply support those who are grading. In addition we could use the hand of folk to take photos, help to organise lunch and welcome visitors on the day.
  • Friends and family are very welcome to watch and have lunch with us at the conclusion of the shinsa. If you know who might be coming (some have already sent this information through), please let Michael know ASAP, along with any dietary requirements so that they can have something to eat with us.
  • If you have not formally put in your expression of interest, an extension has been provided and you will have till this evening to contact Michael and discuss your eligibility to grade. If you do not, you cannot attempt a grading on Saturday. 
  • Thursday night training will be a partial "dress rehearsal" for Saturday. While not compulsory to attend, it is strongly recommended that you do. We will not be holding Iaido nor Systema on Thursday night to allow for more time to practice.

So gambatte folks! Will look forward to seeing all of your efforts this week!