Kendo news and Tozando order

Hi Everyone.

With the QKR seminar grading fast approaching, all of us who look to challenge are steaming ahead on target. This brings into question whether or not you have all of the equipment you may need. If the answer for you is no, I have some good news! I have been pushing for a few months and now am getting enough interest to be able to put together an order from Tozando. So if you think if there is anything you may want or need please put in your request.

We have a great relationship with the Kyoto-based company and get a Club discount off their already very affordable pricing.  Have a look at their website and let me know by week’s end what you are interested in. Once all the potential orders are in, we will be able to calculate shipping cost and you can then transfer monies into the Club account. We want to ensure that the order is sent off no later than Thursday next week to try and ensure that it arrives before the seminar.Pplease try to be fast with decision making as shipping can take some time. If Tozando do not have an item in stock.

In other news every one is progressing well, Welcome to Jones Wong, and thanks for the fun practice. I also attended the first of the QKR monthly mini seminars on Saturday and had a blast. I’m looking forward to the next scheduled one in June, and it will be great to see more of the Toowoomba-based kendoka there.

Sean T. 
Kendo Coordinator