First aid/ CPR refresher course Saturday 19 August

Chris Clayton from Resolute Fitness will be running CPR and First Aid courses on Saturday 19 August. 

CPR only will run from 9 – 11 am and cost $70, and if you need your three yearly update for First Aid, it will run from 9 am – 2 pm and cost $140. 

Chris brings a wealth of experience to the presentation, which usually goes beyond the "bare bones" versions I've seen on some courses. There is an online component, which means that the time is spent productively rather than the typical "talk and chalk" mode. 

I strongly recommend that everyone think seriously about doing this, as it is an important skill to have and a great opportunity to do so with an excellent presenter. For booking, contact:

Reception: 4642 0939
Mob: 0419 757 762 or