An “ordinary” week ahead

In a month and a bit of extra committments, we shall be having a fairly standard week of classes this week ahead.  

For the first time in over a month, we out to have more or less a full compliment of usual training sessions this week, including the return of Fencing on Tuesday night, and Saturday afternoon classes.  So it will be great to see people for Kendo kata, Arnis, FlexiFit, Systema and Jujutsu tonight! 

I’m also wanting to express well wishes for all of you who have been laid low over the past few days and weeks with seasonal colds and flues. I hope you experience a speedy recovery! However, could I ask that you please let instructors know if you cannot make a session you regularly attend, as it will help with their planning and sequencing of the session.  

We will hope to see some of those who expressed interest at the Club Muster day last Wednesday. Many thanks to Jack Baker for stepping into that breech at the last moment to staff the Club stall.