NCAS Jujutsu reaccreditation course

This weekend past Brady and I completed the intensive component our once every four year reaccreditation for National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) Level 2 status. It required attendence at a two day, 20-hour class intensive, and will be followed up on Sunday 2 September with the delivery of two micro lessons observed by and with comments from our assigned mentors. 

NCAS accreditation is part of the quality assurance that we do in the Club, especially in Jujutsu. It helps to ensure that folk can be confident that we are committed to implementing best practice into what we teach, and are committed to maintaining our personal competencies and extending our knowledge. 

It was wonderful to catch up with friends forged four years ago, and to meet new folk who were undertaking accreditation for the first time. Many thanks to Roger and Lynne Quick for all of the time an effort spent in preparaterion and delivery of the weekend, and to the guidance provided by Jim and Meladee Stackpoole, Matt Cugola, and Alan Ward. 

As always the best session was the afternoon of the Sunday, where we had the opportunity to don dogi, and to put into practice what we had been previously covering. Over the next few weeks, Brady and I may well be practicing our micro lessons in regular jujutsu classes, so we would ask for both your patience and your feedback as we have to map some of the sports science/biomechanics language into our usual mode of explanation.