Kihon Uchi pointers from the Kurume City Kendo Renmei seminar

Kihon uchi

  • Remember as kakarite to stay straight and move through. This may seem easier for men uchi, be also try to move through straight with kote uchi so that you go to the right side of motodachi.
  • Be decisive with your cuts rather than “flicky”.
  • Push through with the left hip to keep straight and avoid the hanmi position as you move.
  • Degashi kote is one technique where this is quite important, as you will not achieve a valid cut without it. Move through to tsubazeriai to complete the strike.
  • Develop the ability to see with your eyes (kendo no men) and your spirit (kokoro no men). Pressuring your opponent forces them to collapse their defence. You are watching not for a physical opening but a deflation of their spirit.

Feel free to make a comment, question or query and we will work through this in coming training session.