Kirikaieshi pointers from the Kurume City Kendo Renmei seminar


  • Remember maai in the initial engagement. 9 steps — into toma no maaiseme—tame— then strike.
  • Remember zanshin in the initial strike. The follow through is not the push back but instead the force of Ki to occupy the space of motodachi.
  • Hasuji must be correct.
  • No need to rush. More important to ensure ki ken tai ichi.
  • Motodachi should be able to receive without the shinai. It is a slice not a bash.
  • Correct angle of the shinai is around 30 degrees. There is a tendency to cut too shallow or too steeply and this leads to a “bash” rather than slice.
  • Swing with your shoulder to make each cut. Each cut is coming from migi jodan no kamae, not swinging from outside the head and must have correct maai.
  • Relax through the cut. Postures are transitional as is the application of pressure

Feel free to make any questions, comments or queries. We will try to put this into action at this week's training sessions