End of semester/term, training this week (and for the next few months).

I just wanted to congratulate everyone currently studying for having made it through your respective exam periods, and hope that your results reflect the work you have put into things over the past few months.  

I have a little more clarity around what my timetable will look like for the next few months. For me personally, I will be in Toowoomba for this week, then back in Bundaberg the week after, then a further week in Toowoomba leading up to the QKR seminar, and then will be commencing a university class for the coming Term that starts 9 am Monday, and where the last class finishes at 3 pm Thursday. This means leaving Sunday afternoons for the next few months. 

Most immediately, when in Toowoomba for this week and the week starting 8 July, I will be offering both Jujutsu (6 pm) and Kendo (7.40 pm) classes on Monday and Thursday. It would be great to see folk there for both sessions, especially given the proximity of the QKR seminar. 

Moving on from that, we will have to make some changes to the training offerings through the week. Currently, there are insufficient numbers to make up a Monday evening jujutsu class and make it viable, and we may look to run it parallel to Fencing on a Tuesday so that the few who would like to train can do so. Second, I cannot guarantee getting back to Toowoomba in time for a 6 pm start of a Thursday, so we may look to change the order of training to start with Kendo and finish with Jujutsu on alternating weeks so that I can provide some input across both of those classes. 

The other unfortunate casualty will be lunchtime Go sessions at USQ, unless someone else wishes to take on the mantle of coordinating those session. I will be taking a board up with me to Bundaberg and see if we can get some regular interest up there this term thought!  

For Gin Giners, we will be shifting Jujutsu to a Tuesday night after Judo, and staying with Kendo and Iaido on Wednesdays for the weeks that I am in the district. Beyond that, we will discuss the best training schedule going forward.  

So have fun everyone, and I’ll hope to see you soon at the respective dojo!