QKR deadlines for this week

The end of this week coincides with both the end of the Financial Year and the end of the QKR membership year. It is also going to be two weeks before the grading opportunity that will be held on Sunday 14 July. 

As a matter of urgency, if you have not made your renewal for the 2019-2020 year, please ensure you do this before Friday. Likewise, if you intend to grade, then you need to get me to electronically sign off on your grading form (Kendo and Iaido) before Friday so that they can be lodged with Tom sensei and properly processed.  

If you are not a financial member, you cannot participate at the QKR seminar. If your paperwork is not lodged two weeks prior to the grading, you will not be allowed to sit for examination.  

Tom sensei has been utterly consistent with both points over the years, something I fully support. If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact me today so that I can clarify with Tom sensei and we can make sure that everything is sorted before Friday’s deadline.