IBF training Day 27 August

The official flyer for the IBF (QLD) training day have come out, and I'd like everyone to consider coming along and supporting the event.

The training day will be held on Saturday 27 August at the Hills District PCYC, Everton Hills. This year I have been asked to run one of he sessions, and I will be introducing folk to Kendo. Jason Griffiths, sensei and Don Ouellette, sensei, will be running an Arnis session as well.

Last year Maaike, Tony, Tracy and I had much fun at the day, and I'd encourage as many as can make it to come along, particularly the lurking Kendoka here as I would dearly love to put on a reasonable demonstration of the art! It is an opportunity to meet the wider marital arts community here in Queensland, and if last year was any indication, there will be many high quality learning opportunities on the day.

Please let me know as soon as you can whether you will like to come along so that we can organise transportation on the day.