Last push for the summit ...

I am heading into the last few weeks of my University studies for the year, and as a result will need to make some modifications to my Club teaching schedule for the next three weeks.  

First, in recognition of the weekend just past and the amount of work I have to complete this week, I will be running FlexiFit, but not kendo kata nor Jujutsu for tonight. I think an hour stretch will be good for myself and everyone, but need a rest from other committments. 

Second, I will be staying in Bundaberg this weekend as I need to attend a residential school in Rockhampton the following week, and then have to be in Bundaberg again for my final exam on Tuesday October 12. It will be safest to say that I will be unable to teach any Toowoomba classes until after that time. I will confirm with Brady and Minty regarding their availability for the classes I will be missing, so please stay tuned.  

I have really enjoyed my studies this year, though the travel has been quite tiring. However, I am looking forward to getting clear air from November through till the end of February to put some more concentrated time into training and teaching at the Club!