Wrap up: Kendo State Squad training

Queensland State Squad training for the upcoming Australian Kendo Championships was held on Saturday, and it was lovely to spend a post-birthday morning with the upped ante of practice under the wantchful eyes of Isaccs sensei, Komo sensei, and Tamura sensei. 

For me it also represented the lat time I will get a chance to train with senior sensei input before resetarting my travels up to Bundaberg for study. I personally feel like I have refined a few techniques and had several light bulb moments with my practice, which I will be attempting to make a regular part of my training. And a always, it was lovely to have the opportunity to share that with Kateena and Sean T, including a lovely lunch at Sunnybank on the way back to Toowoomba. 

Isaacs sensei is looking to host at least one or two more of the State Squad sessions before the AKC, and we will be planning to attend them when we know the details.