Holy Name School Year starts this Tuesday

The Australia Day Long Weekend always has been the unofficial start to the year in Australia — a time after which  school starts and the rest of the country cannot pretend it is still on holiday!

With the start of school term, we go back to having to be more aware of attendance times and care when training of an evening. As we cannot be guaranteed access to the MEAC before  6pm, we need to have sufficient time to "bump in" and get changed into appropriate training gear. Therefore, I ask that if you are attending a class in the first session of the evening you are there early enough to help set up — many hands and all that ...

Second, we need to be mindful that the MEAC is a shared space. This means not encroaching on the Extend After School Care's desks and tidying up after yourself. It is also especially important to put away any and all training equipment used in the evening, particularly anything that children could get into/cause trouble with (I'm thinking bokken, tanto etc.). These must be placed into the Club's cupboard in the store room, and the cupboard locked at the end of the evening.

Instructors will be reminding classes of the appropriate protocols for doing this over the coming fortnight.

So have an excellent week everyone, and I hope to see training attendance get back up to its pre-Christmas levels!