What is Internal Power?

Internal power is often looked at as something mystical and perhaps out of reach of us 'normal' people. Perhaps 'normal' people don't achieve it because to gain such power requires an unusual amount of persistance, but it's not because you lack some special ability. This type of training requires deep intention on the training of muscle, connective tissue, skeletal alignment, intent and breath. How are you sitting now as you read this? Straighten up and slow your breathing!

Muscle. How much do you need? The right amount of course.
Connective tissue (or Fascia). These are the fibres running through and around every tissue of your body.
Skeletal Alignment. This allows your joints to be in the place for their optimal function. This allows your muscles and fascia to be at the right tension.
Intent. This is the link between thought and action. Intent is the movement inside movement.
Breath. Enlivens the whole body.

Just some thoughts for the week. See you Thursday night.