Club Muster/Phoenix Carnival this Wednesday

In a break from tradition, the first Club Muster of the year will be held in Week 1 rather than O Week. This will hopefully see more on-campus students come past the Club’s stall and demonstration areas than have done so in the last few years.  

We will be doing our usual load out with an 8x8 m training area and a stall inside the main marquee in the USQ Toowoomba Quad. We are planning to have as full a spread of the Club’s disciplines on display as we can, and will need the support of Club members throughout the day, but especially over the busiest period of 12–2 pm. 

We will be packing up the dojo on Tuesday night in preparation for Wednesday. Kateena has generously offered the loan of her box trailer, so we will be loading mats into it as we go, and ensure that the cars are also packed with necessary equipment. 

“Bump in” is from 8.30 am and must be completed by 10 am. We will need to have at least three people available from 10 am–1.30pm, and then manage “Bump out” no later than 4 pm. 

Some requests: If someone could donate the use of an external monitor and a tested/tagged powerboard for the day, we will run some demonstration videos in the marquee stall. Second, if you could give me an indication ASAP as to your availablity for the day, and especially for “bump out” and restock the dojo, that would be very helpful. We are down a few folk who would regularly be there to assist, between new work commitments, travel, and a few long term members having left town. 

I hope to see many of you there on the day, even if only to stop past and say hello!