Kenjutsu workshop

Hello All,

Just a reminder that the first kenjutsu (sword) workshop for the year will be this coming Sunday, 4 March starting at 9:30 am at the MEAC.

This workshop is open to all BBRD members who are involved in the use of the sword (iaido, kendo & jodo), and it may prove insightful to BBRD members who practice arts that utilise stave weapons (e.g. jujutsu) in that the methods of gripping and striking with these weapons are quite similar.

This is the first of four workshops to be held throughout the year with each individual workshop concentrating on one of the three sword arts practised at BBRD (ZNKR seitei iaido, ZNKR kendo and SMR kasumi shinto-ryu kenjutsu)  and with one being a combined arts workshop.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!