New month, new academic year, new timetable

In terms of what is already a big week for the Club, I want to just flag that there will be some significant changes to the Class timetable starting from next week.

As many of you know, I have accepted an offer to study Physiotherapy at the Bundaberg campus of CQ University, and as a result I am going to be out of town from Tuesday evening through to Friday afternoon while classes are in session. This amounts to a little over half of the year away from my regular evening training night for the next two and a half years.

We need to confirm things this week, but the proposal is that from next week, Jujutsu will shift from its current times to a Monday and Wednesday, and FlexiFit moved to a Monday and back to the MEAC. This will mean that on Monday we have FlexiFit from 6-7 pm, Jujutsu from 7-8.40 pm, and potentially shift Thursday's jujutsu session to a Wednesday. This will be partially dependent on what we do to fit Fencing into the Club's timetable, and the availability of Brady to teach the one class per week that I will no longer be able to do. We are most likely to keep Kendo on a Tuesday night, fitting in with Minty's availability, and starting slightly earlier at 7.30 pm. We still need to sort Iaido out as I am keen to run virtual dojo sessions to assist both Sian and Tracy (and Matt G in the far north), so we need to sort out a common time when that could occur.

Michael Conroy is also keen to start a regular Systema class in advance of his trip to Canada to train and receive accreditation, and I am also keen to run a one hour session on the weekend where we can do some advanced jujustu practice (chuden and joden waza).

Change is simultaneously exciting and daunting. I have been teaching Tuesday and Thursday nights here in Toowoomba since the Club started at the end of 2008, so it will take some adjustment by myself and other members of the Club to make the new time arrangements work. However, it contains a great opportunity for Brady, Minty, Sian and Tracy to step up and practice their teaching craft.

Stay posted as we will be updating the website this week with all the new training details, and sending out a list to all active members this week. As always, I'll look forward to seeing you in the dojo!