Inaugural Kyudo session in Toowoomba

I just wanted to thank Tom Johnson, sensei and Rob Doncaster of the Kohokai for coming up the hill in the fog and rain on Sunday to direct and participate (respectively) in Toowoomba's inaugural Kyudo training session. To quote James Archer on this one — who would of thought that walking in the door could be so complicated!

I have to say I had an absolute ball on Sunday. A testing kendo session to gauge if we are physically/mentally ready for Itakura sensei's return to Toowoomba training next month, Seitei Iaido and Kyudo to really get the synapses firing. I am certainly looking forward to a massage tomorrow! It was wonderful to see Maaike, Michaela and Tracy trying out both Seitei Iaido and Kyudo for the very first time (and making a particularly good show of it).

Tom will be next up the hill for the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival in a fortnight, and I hope to be able to hive of some time going over what we did today. Tom has left some notes for us to consider and will be sending some more for us to continue out "homework".

If you are interested in getting some of the basic equipment for Kyudo (or other items for any of the disciplines that the Club supports), please talk to Michael ASAP. He will be putting in an order with Tozando this week (to strike while the exchange rate is still reasonable on a few items), so if you want to save some money on postage, please let him know.