End of year Dinner and Awards night

We shall be holding our end-of-year dinner on Wednesday 6 December to celebrate a particularly successful year at the Club and as a farewell to Matt G, who will be leaving us mid-December to take up a post at Tully. I am aware that there will be a few folk who are unable to make that date, and I do apologise in advance. However, this date was the one where we could potentially have the greatest number of Club members come along. 

We are planning to have dinner at Kajoku, so please keep an eye out for the official RSVP on Facebook and the Club’s website so that we can give Jeff accurate numbears for the booking. As always, partners and family are most welcome to come. 

We will have a whole bunch of grading certificates and special awards to present on the night, so make sure that you have cleared your calendar to attend!