Summer timetable and cleaning of the MEAC

School is out as of the end of this week, and as a result, we will be able to take possession of the MEAC virtually uniterrupted till January 21.  

I will be publishing a full summer timetable next week, which will include some regular lunchtime and afternoon sessions. I also want to start the process of setting up and cleaning the dojo space so that we can make best use of the facility. I will be starting next Monday (4th) with a thorough tidy of the store room, including the School’s portion of it so that we are working from a sound base. Any assistance would be most welcome as we will need to shift a number of items that even I find pretty awkward to move solo.  

I am also wanting to do a thorough, deep clean of the main hall, including hiring a floor scrubber. This will need as many hands on deck as possible due to the ingrained filth that previous cleans by the school has failed to shift. I would like for us to do this well prior to keiko yame on the 23rd of December so that we are able to simply do a light touch up when we get back from the week off over Christmas-New Year. Please keep an eye out for proposed times and let me know ASAP concerning your availability.