Jujutsu news

Things have been ticking along well in both Toowoomba and Gin Gin with steady numbers in all classes save Monday nights. This week is the last for our monthly focus on nage wasa though as I have mentioned in both locations, we will continue to use what we have learned this month as transition into our ne wasa focus for June. 

We appear to not have been able to generate sufficient interest for Monday nights in Toowoomba. Unfortunately, we will have to pull the pin on a longer term basis unless we are in a position to run a class either this week or next. If Brady does not get sufficient interest in either of these sessions, we will take a hiatus for classes till the first week of July, when we shall then re-evaluate the times. 

We will be doing a further review of training times based on my availability due to study commitments in early July, so your input will be critical. At present the only time I can commit to are Saturday sessions, so we will have to play things by ear once my timetable is set. 

As mentioned in Sean’s post, we will be putting together a Club Tozando order in the next week or so to time with the upcoming QKR seminar. For those of you interested in a Grapplingstore order for knee pads etc. compression shorts or other equipment/uniforms they supply, please let me know in the next fortnight as I will be putting in an order with them as well. Grapplingstore have changed their terms of service, so while we still receive a discount, they have asked that we do a minimum $100 order before they ship. 

As always will look forward to seeing you in the dojo! 

Michael B
Head Instructor