In training this week

I hope that everyone has been enjoying their long weekend, and ready for the challenges of the new week and indeed month!

Just to confirm, there is no training on tonight (Monday 28), but we will be getting into the swing of things from tomorrow, where Fencing will have its first session after the holiday hiatus. Wednesday night I would ask that you please bring an old t-shirt, or at least something you don’t mind getting lipstick stains out of as we shall be doing some knife defence “pressure testing” work to cap off our month long focus on self defence and weapons work. 

I will not be available to train this Saturday due to a family committment, and will check to see Wednesday night whether Brady can cover Jujutsu and if Kateena and Sean are happy to have a kendo session in my absence. Likewise, we will have to see what can be done regarding the idea of lunchtime jujutsu sessions, particularly as we need to balance the cost of venue hire for those who are potentially attending.