Timetable changes

From March, there will have to be a number of changes to the training timetable to accomodate me having to be in Bundaberg from Monday evenings through to Thursday mornings this semester coming. We will be discussing this as a Club Executive once Sian returns from the AIJSC in Hobart so as to minimise disruption. 

The main proposed change with be to Jujutsu, FlexiFit and Kendo. Specifically, that Jujutsu shift to Thursday night from Wednesday, Having an opportunity to train Kendo on Thursdays, and the order of trading on Saturdays change to Kendo from 2 pm, then Jujutsu from 3.30 pm, then FlexiFit to finish off the afternoon from 4.45 pm. I will also have to see what can be done with regular Go sessions, given I will have to leave Monday afternoon no later than 1.30 pm in order to arrive in Bundaberg with sufficient daylight, which means that we will probably start at 12 pm sharp.  

Please watch this space, and any alterations will be in force from Week 1 of USQ semester.