Reminder: Spring clean this Saturday, 2 September

Just by way of a reminder, we are scheduled to hold a dojo spring clean this Saturday morning.  

We will be starting at 9.30 am and depending on numbers, we ought to be finished by around 12.00 pm or 12.30 pm, where we shall have lunch. We will not have training in the afternoon as a result. 

I want to again stress the need for your help. First, we all share a collective responsibility for the maintenance of the space we share, and there are solid health and safety aspects to ensuring that a high standard is maintained.

Second, we will need as many hands on deck as possible as the task is not small. Because we were unable to do a clean over the winter holidays, the base level of filth in the MEAC has not been addressed for some time, and we need to thoroughly get into the forgotten corners. We also need to do an audit of the Club's equipment so that we can identify and address any wear or damage to items. 

So I hope to see you there on Saturday where we will need to: 

  • Complete the regular clean of the toilet area
  • Remove much of the equipment in the main hall so we can mop in the corners as well as the floor
  • Restack the chairs more efficiently so there are less "free floating" while the damaged rack is out of commission
  • Give the tatami a thorough clean, particularly after their excursion to Queen's Park
  • Clean the storage area so as to remove all the gritty sand deposited by the school on our side
  • Go through all the storage bins to check that items are in the correct spot, properly stored/folded where appropriate, and identified for repare/replacement if necessary
  • Ensure the kendo bogu are checked, sorted and stacked appropriately so that they are logically arranged on the shelves by size
  • All weapons are checked for damage, to be repaired and replaced as necessary
  • Promotional materials and decorations are checked so replacements can be ordered where necessary
  • First aid kits are checked to see if any items are expired or missing and need replacng, and
  • If we have the time/sufficient volunteers, we can scrub some of the line markings to lift the worst of the ground in dirt to give the hall a bit of a "refresh", and scrub down the concrete outside the hall to reduce the amount of dirt being tracked in.  

Could I ask that people please bring some cleaning equipment in with you so that everyone can be put to task efficiently. Additionally, if you have a high pressure water cleaner that you could lend for the morning, please let me know as it will make the outside clean-up task much easier.