Dojo Spring Clean (pun intended)

I just wanted to give a quick acknowledgement to Dylan, Sean and Tracy who came in this morning to give the dojo a quick spruce up this morning.

We've given the mats a mop and scrub, swept all the dust and grit from the often forgotten corners behind things at the MEAC and, most importantly, given the storage area a tidy.

Could I please ask everyone to take responsibility for keeping the storage area in a fit state. This means putting back things that you might use in an evening session in the place where you found it (or back where it should be if it was misplaced). This also means folding borrowed uniforms where appropriate, and zipping up the gear bags, which you can see are currently neatly stored.

Dylan has very kindly offered to help coordinate tidying after training on Monday and Wednesday, and I will do the same for Tuesday and Fridays. However, if we all chip in it certainly will not be a chore for anyone!