Congrats Jack and thanks to Lawrence sensei

 I wanted to note Jack Baker’s success on the weekend in picking up gold for judo, in the u81 Kg category at the Isshindokan Club competition. This adds to an excellent haul so far this year. Congratulations, and I am looking forward to seeing him back on the tatami, especially with our nage wasa focus about to start in Jujutsu!

Second, I’d like to especially thank Russell Lawrence sensei, who generously provided his time on Thursday to give my Iaido kata a thorough working over in preparation for my shinsa in December. Five hours with a 6DAN certainly will leave your head feeling pretty full, but I’ve hopefully retained plenty of things to polish and refine over the coming weeks. 

Thanks also to Rob D for organising the use of the Pine Mountain Dojo for the session. I’ll look forward to some more training with him in both Iaido and Kyudo in the coming weeks!