In the Dojo this week ...

It’s a misty start to the week here in Toowoomba, which will give me an opportunity to start working on a number of home-based and dojo-based projects that have been on the back burner while I have been travelling to Bundaberg for study. The first of these will be some updates to the Club’s web site, which is in need of a refresh as some of the content there is either a little tired or out of date. I will be making these changes through this week, so as a favour, could you please point your browsers to and let me know what you think needs revision/deletion/inclusion for the site. 

Second, we will be doing some planning for the next month, with three Club committments starting this weekend in support of the Diwali Festival celebrated this Saturday, a trip to Gin Gin to help the Ken Jin Kan Kids prepare for their very first Kendo seminar the following week, and taking the opportunity to do some Jujutsu and Iaido while up there.

Third is of course our own participation at the QKR seminar and grading opportunity the following weekend.  

On the back of the successful “Virtual Dojo” training we had with Gin Gin on Wednesday afternoon, we are going to try to set up virtual classes for both FlexiFit this evening and Iaido later this week. I you are interested in participating, please contact me ASAP so that I can set up the Zoom meetings and send invites to participate.  

In Jujutsu, we are finishing up our focus on kansetsu-wasa and transitioning to a month of focus on nage wasa. I would encouragefolk that have been away from classes for a while to come this week if you can, as we will be doing some important foundation work with your falls and “fitting in”. For kendo, we will be starting to spend focussed time in grading preparation.  

Systema on Tuesday night will run as usual, though Michael C has to head overseas for a fortnight from next week, so will be returning to regular programming thereafter.  

And one thing I am particularly looking forward to after study and illness forced disruption is a return to Gym and Swim for me this week! Let me know if you are interested in coming along to Milne Bay for a session!