Kajoku + Taiko fundraiser

Friday night last, our Taiko group performed two sets for the diners at Kajoku Korean & Japanese Restaurant in Margaret St, Toowoomba. The restaurant was full for both sessions, but that provided little sound buffering for the boom of multiple taiko at full bore! However, I'm not aware of anyone availing themselves of the ear plugs thoughtfully provided by the restaurant. 😁 The night was arranged to raise some further funds for the Takatsuki Disaster Relief Fund, before it is closed off by Rotary and Council at the end of this month. We enjoyed the opportunity to perform for the public again on the wonderful taiko gift from Takatsuki, especially in order to give something back to their community, and thank Jeff from Kajoku for arranging this night. Grateful thanks go to our Club members: Tomoko, Jun, Michelle, Katy (who danced as well as drummed), Gary, Arielle, Joanne and Sian, and to Roger, Steve and Mark who helped with handling the drums in and out of the restaurant and vehicles.